A. and P. Galaunė House-Museum
A. and P. Galaunė House-Museum

The A. and P. Galaunis House-Museum starts the year full of hope and youthful maximalism, exciting creative explorations and a somewhat provocative approach to art. The museum's second-floor exhibition spaces are occupied by academic young people - energetic and seeking.

Just as the Ars group was supported by P. Galaunė nine decades ago, now at the Galaunis House, we have brought together people from different disciplines, with different experiences, but united by passion for creative enthusiasm, boldly experimenting with themes of the 21st century, technical innovations and often raising controversial questions to themselves and the audience.

Forty millennia of body painting and hyperrealism in applied printmaking - what, how and why? - Jaris Kapcevičius, a student of VAA, is looking for answers and links; self-exploration in painting by combining seemingly unconnected things - interest in computer games and digital animation with Lithuanian ethno-culture, folk art and traditions - in Vytenis Mikulevičius' (VAA) cycle "My Culture"; life transformations and change in the contexts of historical architecture, urban visions and fantasies, the search for a new approach to the history of the past and its‘ continuous transformations in the works of Vilnius Service Business Vocational Training Centre of Photography lecturer Jovita Ambrazaitytė's students Agnė Kanapienytė, Lina Samuilová, Dominika Proškėnaitė, Jonas Kaminskas, Indrė Vasiliauskaitė, Marta Muchks, Simona Dojankevičiūtė, Rūta Chairutdinovaitė, Laurynas Kemėšis; how a mediated view of natural life (nature, humans) turns it into a technological construct, representing it as data and information collections, how disease, pain, decay become aesthetically beautiful creations, how the form contrasts with the original content and purpose of the image, how illegible or misleading an image can be - these are the questions posed by the VMU New Media Art students Urtė Serapinaitė and Arnas Alekna.

These are the themes that connect, intertwine, provoke, surprise, raise questions and seeks answers in the "Sambūris" of academic youth.

Exhibition works: 19 01 2023 – 18 02 2023