V. K. Jonynas Gallery
V. K. Jonynas Gallery

Jūratė Kazakevičiūtė has been creating textile object-sculptures for two decades, by implementing the soft sculpture technique. In the beginning of her creative path, this artist wanted to reveal herself through a notion of wild woman, mother, creator. Now she has come to see herself as a small part of the universe, who is searching for similarities and her own reflection in plants, landscape, and primal nature. She is creating artistic objects, as a connection between plant and human, through which their fellowship and similarities are discussed.

In this exhibition the artist presents four new textile sculptures from the cycle „Sensory trees “(2021–2022) and kaleidoscopic forest prints on fabric, which complement the sculptures. These forest prints are like carpets or tablecloths, forest sheets that are teeming with life, they connect “Sensory trees “and other sculptures into one totality. The exhibition also features three older works: „Magnolia “, „Plant “and „Mrs. Death “(2013-2018), which have been transformed and redesigned due to changing realities. The sculptures alternate like living entities, people, or plants, like the entirety of creation. This way “Magnolia” became „Closed off “, „Plant “turned into „Broken “, and „Mrs. Death “emerged as „Reincarnation “.

The artist is constantly amazed by the seasonal changes is nature, which she experiences while walking through forest paths. Enamored by the beauty, she captures the impressions as images on her phone. Next to the sculptures the exhibition features digital prints made from these very images.

Jūratė Kazakevičiūtė was born in Druskininkai, it is there that she lives and works. In the year 2000 she received a textile specialization bachelor’s degree from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2002 she gained a master’s degree in arts. The artist’s objects, soft sculptures and installations have been showcased not only in Lithuania, but also abroad: in the year 2009 her works appeared in „Nord ART“ KIC, Budelsdorf, Germany and international Kaunas biennale „Live View“ ; in 2010 – „Miniartextilcomo“ Como and Venice, Italy, as well as, the 3-rd European textile and applied arts Triennale – “Traditions and Innovations” that took place in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga; in 2011– „Miniartextil à Montrouge” Paris, France.

Exhibition works: 19 10 2022 – 18 01 2023