“Identity Signs. Ex-libris by Vincas Kisarauskas’ from Paulius Galaunė collection“

A. and P. Galaunė House

Vincas Kisarauskas‘ creative range is very broad: painting, graphics, scenography, mosaics, medals, book illustrations. At the same time, he was very significant and original in the field of ex-libris, which is treated as a smaller genre of graphics. Kisarauskas became interested in this genre in the 1960s, and created several hundred bookplates. In the exhibition, dedicated to Vincas Kisarauskas’ 85th Birth Anniversary, 30 ex-libris, publications and letters to P. Galaunė are exhibited. It is a small part of Kisarauskas creative legacy, kept in A. and P. Galaunė House.

The cause and basis of the friendship between V. Kisarauskas and P. Galaunė was a close understanding of artistic language and similar hobbies, such as graphic arts or Lithuanian Art History. They were also united by an interest to ex-libris. During the studies in St. Petersburg, P. Galaunė had an admiration to this graphic genre, which has grown into collection – he collected over 800 pieces of ex-libris. He devoted a lot of attention to works by Lithuanian authors. Due to the peculiarity of artistic expression, P. Galaunė especially appreciated the bookplates, created by V. Kisarauskas‘ mixed library techniques.

Vincas Kisarauskas regarded the bookplates as an independent area of art, where we can easily recognize the artis‘ts worldview, combined with his creation. It is quite complicated and often dramatic. Monumentalism and expression is usually associated with V. Kisarauskas creative work – these two elements are also evident in his ex-libris.

As one of the most innovative artists of the Soviet period, Vincas Kisarauskas went out of the framework and standards in his creative work. Being the seeker, the experimenter, the thinker – he considered art as means of opening up the world of human fantasy.