KAUNAS PHOTO FESTIVAL. Exhibition “Digital – Virtual – Real“

M. Žilinskas Art Gallery

The thematic programme of the festival – „Digital – Virtual – Real“ invites the audience to focus on the processes of the virtual world, implications of the digital lifestyle, data flows, communications, cybercrime and security, machine learning, monitoring, automation, threats and fragile boundaries.

Through virtual access, digitization reaches the most subdued environments – from politics and culture to intrusion into the private space, from children’s games to the lobbying of giant corporations, from lifestyles to crime and violence.

The documentary photography, traditionally predominant stylistic expression of Kaunas Photo is itself a Digital reality in virtual form. And this year it is becoming a reflection of itself. It’s a great provocation to explore your own personal relationship to the subject, to answer some questions: how do I broadcast myself to the world? What is my daily routine – digital, virtual or real? Which one do I prioritize? This year’s KAUNAS PHOTO art program is an invitation to “land on the ground”, i.e. turn off the smart phone and take a closer look at the physical world.

On display: Hannes Wiedemann (Germany) “Grinders”, Irina Popova (Russia / The Netherlands) “The Incomplete Princess Book”, Michele Borzoni (Italy) “Workforce. Call Centers + Logistic Centers”, Travis Hodges (UK) “The Quantified Self”, Larson & Shindelman (USA) “Geolocation: #Gratitude”, Heinrich Holtgreve (Germany) “Internet as a place”, Damien Berney (Switzerland) “Scrolldown”, Dávid Biró (Hungary) “Front End”, Elizabeth Claffey (USA) “The Ordinary and the Domestic”, Nigel Dickinson (UK) “China Big Brother”.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual photo art festival in the Baltic States, since 2004, taking place every September in the second-largest Lithuanian town of Kaunas. Since 2004, the festival is organized by (NGO) “Šviesos raštas” (a non-profit institution).

KAUNAS PHOTO festival is the most attended photographic event in Lithuania. KAUNAS PHOTO is member of the “Festival of Light” organization. Founder and director of the festival Mindaugas Kavaliauskas

Major sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kaunas City Municipality

Information sponsor: LRT television

Partners: M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Gallery „Art Park“, Kaunas city museum, Kaunas Vincas Kudirka public library, Kaunas Cultural Centre for Various Nations, Lithuanian Education History Museum, Vytautas Magnus University, Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum, Lithuanian Zoo.

Festival‘s friend: event space „Laukas“