Kaunas Picture Gallery

One of the most prominent representatives of Lithuanian Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art Česlovas Lukenskas exhibition of video projections, texts and objects, named “The Rave Terminal”.

„Over the years I have recognized many delusions within myself, which makes an exhibition very personal. There are works, based on self-analysis, directly related to autobiographical events. From the early youth to the experiences of recent years, these textual / visual / audio reflections are closely linked to the reality of daily living “, – the artist tells.

The retrospective exhibition of Česlovas Lukenskas reveals the entire creative period of an artist: from the transformation of themes, the change and variety of artistic images, the intersections of genres and disciplines, to sarcasm and self-irony. The exposition is divided into five parts.

The first part “SEED” reviews an incubation period of creative strategies. The Objects of various textile fabrics, solids and kinds, photo / video documentation. The second part “VACCINATION” moves from plane surfaces to space, from idea to an object. The Post-industrial and post-Soviet hybridization can be seen in drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages. The third part “REPRODUCTION” includes moving from item to process. The Interdisciplinary access. Increased measures of exposure. Objects, ready-mades, installations, environmental and earth art. The fourth part “CONSUMPTION” brings us the Performance Art: Actions, provocations, interventions, performances, concerts, and happenings. The last part – “RAVE” represents the unrealized projects, texts and sound art of the author.

„Česlovas Lukenskas is an entity that has specific mental (metal?), psychic, psychosomatic, even psychosomato(a)gnostic processes (prozesses?). However, they are sometimes so intense (installative?) and unbearable, or simply transferable as they become internal and external, expressed, sang, and screamed. The first attacks of Grandiose delusions, Česlovas (Chesiux) – a glass, a genius, an ocean. After that – depressions, because Česlovas (Chesiux) is sneaky, lazy and an idiot. Therefore, Česlovas is the Rave Terminal.” – this is how the author of the exhibition is being introduced by an artist, and art critic Kęstutis Šapoka.

Česlovas Lukenskas (b. 1959) – one of the most prominent pioneers of contemporary interdisciplinary art in Lithuania, the founder of the POST ARS group.

His works have been exhibited in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Abtei Liesborn museum (Germany), London (UK), Brixen (Italy), Paris, Nimes (France), Espaco IMERGE (Porto, Portugal), Copenhagen (Denmark). He have participated in group exhibitions in Kiev (Ukraine), Pereslavl-Zaleski (Russia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), Tampere Hall (Finland), Bekesaba and Budapest (Hungary), Chicago (USA) and elsewhere.

Works by Č. Lukenskas have been bought by Lithuanian Museum of Art, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art, MO Museum, private collectors in Lithuania and abroad.

Together with a group of artists from POST ARS, he has been awarded the Grand Prix for Post-Industrial Landscape regeneration project “Score” at Europa Biennale Niederlausitz II (Germany). In 2009 he was selected as the most memorable artist in Kaunas.

Organizer: M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Contemporary Art Centre, gallry “Art Park”, Vilnius Academy of Arts, galerija „Meno parkas“, Vilniaus dailės akademija, National Gallery of Art

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