Kaunas Picture Gallery

On 8 November, Friday, at 5 pm we invite You to celebrate Jurgis Mačiūnas’ 88th birthday!

When You come to the party, please, don’t forget to bring a gift – one can of tinned food. In our turn, we won’t forget to make presents for You.

At 5:30 pm don’t miss a chance to get involved in Česlovas Lukenskas’ performance “Dada-promotion in funky jazz style“. The artist’s poetry will be cited by a she and a he robot, the action will be complemented by the author himself both verbally and by playing music, inviting everyone to join.

The event will feature a renewed installation donated to the gallery in 2002 by a Japanese-born fluxus artist from Germany Takako Saito. The “Takako’s do it yourself shop You + ME“ invites you to create your own object following the artist’s instructions, and take it home.

On the second floor of the gallery you will be attracted by the fluxus postal art or any other fluxus activity. The museum educators will gladly tell you how fluxus objects and fluxus events are created.

At 6:30 pm we will invite everyone to visit the Fluxus Room with the curator Eglė Komkaitė. Remember, that a cake and much fun is a must at the birthday party!

George Maciunas was born on 8 November 1931 in Kaunas. Later he settled in the West, founded and formed the fluxus movement which had influenced or even initiated the conceptual, postal and political art, mass art, minimalism in art, novelty in music, performances. George Maciunas believed that the fluxus movement should temporarily perform a pedagogical function, i.e., illustrate that any thing is in power to become an object of art, that art must be accessible to everybody and created by all, art should never convey a commercial or institutional notion, art must be simple and natural, amusing and entertaining, and unpretentious.