Jubilee retrospective exhibition of ceramicist Vaclovas Miknevičius (1910–1989)

A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum

Vaclovas Miknevičius (1910–1989) is well known as one of the most significant representatives of Lithuanian professional ceramics. Throughout his life, the artist was especially productive: he created numerous samples for serial mass production, unique exhibits, and large monumental objects. The artist had distinguished himself as an organizer of the ceramics industry in Lithuania, a tireless inventor, brilliant technologist. Alongside, he had devoted the rest of his time to educational and social activities.

Art historians divide the artist’s creative development into three stages. The first (1933–1958) is characteristic of the influence of Lithuanian folk pottery, its forms and national ornaments. The second phase (1958–1970) distinguishes for modern design, modest but stylized décor and expressive textures relevant to vases and sets. The third stage began in 1970 and continued until 1989. In this period the artist set to monumental architectural and sculptural ceramic works.