Arūnas Kulikauskas exhibition “The Last One or the Twelve Seasons of the Year”

Kaunas Picture Gallery

In the exhibition Arunas Kulikauskas reviews his four-decade-long creative period with a free look and form. Inventory a rich creative archive. But do not try to scrupulously sort, classify, or chronologize it. Rather, the author carefully examines what he has, what has survived – as if translating a family photo album. The three main axes of the exhibition are: the last works of the Soviet period; a twenty-year creative period while living in New York; almost a decade of creation after returning to Lithuania and settling in the countryside – telephography, blog photography.

The author seeks to show the context of his work and life as a single fabric. The author includes in the exhibition what was important to him at one time or another, influenced, lived and worked nearby, was under his eyes. Therefore, let the viewer not be surprised to see in the exhibition not only A. Kulikauskas, but also his youthful comrades, young photographers or his wife’s works, a picture of an unknown author from a second hand shop or even a household item.

This exhibition has free and changing forms: the exposition prepared for the beginning of the opening will be constantly formed and filled by the author. Her final image should take place in the last week. “The Last One or the Twelve Seasons of the Year” is a changing, growing, cultivated exhibition.