Antanas Dombrovkij Sound Installation “FOUNTAIN”

Kaunas Picture Gallery Outdoor pavilion
Kaunas Radio Plant fountain 2010. Photo by Modestas Patašius

The Kaunas Radio Plant had in the middle of its building complex a rectangular pool with a fountain which served as a cooling system to circulate water necessary for production processes. Besides, the cleverly designed pool with a fountain performed another function – it was a favourite rest place for staff to meet and have a chat during the lunch break.

An engaging coincidence – the former pool of the Picture Gallery was very much alike in shape and proportions, therefore, the soundtrack “Fountain” has been installed in the pavilion constructed in the previous location of a pool.

The sound installation was inspired by a search system of radio waves which is called by radio operators a “waterfall”. It is a visual search engine in which the radio ether falls from the top downwards, just like a waterfall. The spectrum of sound frequencies resembles a fizzle of a waterfall much like white light makes up the full spectrum of colours.

This “white noise” interferes with people’s voices: fragments of stories and memories of former Radio Plant workers. The installation suggests to move in space, listen, experience a unique “waterspace”, in which people’s voices are caught like fish submerged in water.

The “Fountain” becomes a gateway to a non-existent world – the territory of a once secret factory, as if an accidental stranger would hear the voices of the staff talking at the fountain.

The installation is a compound part of the exhibition opened at the Picture Gallery “Banga (Wave): the Channel for Human Voices”.