The Presidential Palace

Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania
Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania
Number of participants: up to 25
Duration: 45-60 min
5 € for adults
2.5 € for schoolchildren, students, seniors
+ 25 € group tour fee
This tour is meant for first-time visitors to the Historical Palace. We are ready to provide a brief review on the historical context and circumstances that led to Kaunas’ becoming the provisional capital and the turn of the Governor’s Palace to the Presidential Palace; you will find out engaging facts about the history of the Presidential Palace and the families of the Presidents of the First Republic of Lithuania. The narration on the history of the President’s Institution and the main tasks of the First Persons are presented in an authentic environment. The Historical Presidential Palace organizes also temporary exhibitions, so this tour includes a short introduction to the exhibitions on display at that time.
Registration by phone  +370 37 20 17 78