V. K. Jonynas Gallery
V. K. Jonynas Gallery

As every year, this year artists gathered at the shore of lake Šlavantas, in Lazdijai district, in Veisiejai county. The annual international painters’ plein air "Šlavantas 2023" took place. The plein air participants are experienced Lithuanian and foreign artists, and this year they are Antanas Obscarskas, Rita Rimšienė, Karl-Kristjan Nagel (Estonia), Linas Gelumbauskas, Rūta Levulienė and Diana Rudokienė. This creative meeting gave a number of great creative discoveries, all of which are exhibited.

The aim of the plein air participants is to reveal Lithuania as a country of high creative potential, to continue the traditions of plein air painting and to share creative ideas. During the plein air, the participants of the exhibition are painting just in the nature: observing and recording environmental motifs, the scattering of sunlight, delving into the variety of natural phenomena, lighting, colours, reflections and reflexes. By conveying the artist's vivid impression, mood and authentic, unique atmosphere of the environment, year, time of day, and space in their works. The exhibition presents freely painted panoramic and chamber landscapes of lake Šlavantas, as well as abstract and figurative compositions.

For the sixth time, the works of the participants of the privately financed open-air painting exhibition "Šlavantas" are presented at the V. K. Jonynas Gallery in Druskininkai.

The event is open to the public and will be filmed and photographed. By attending the event you agree to be featured in photographs and videos of the event and are informed that these photographs and videos may be made public.

The exhibition is open: 09 08 2023–18 10 2023