Stories of the House

A distance audio guide “Stories of the Palace” presents a tour along all 7 periods of the building through the stories put on the lips of historical personalities who are wrapped in the shape of animated characters. Texts prepared by historians but not the memories or quotes of those real persons make the narrative live and authentic. So, listeners will hear the stories told by: Solomon Feinberg – merchant of the Raseiniai first guild, who turned the dwelling house into the Kaunas Governor’s Palace; Franz Isenburg-Birstein – duke, colonel, head of the Ober Ost, who established the headquarters in the Palace; Pijus Bielskus – longtime head of the chancellery of the Presidential Palace; Justas Paleckis – Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Lithuania, active in the Palace for less than a year; Hinrich Lohse – the Reich Commissioner, head of Ostland, who stayed in the palace for a short time; Teacher Stefanija – has worked at the Teachers’ House for twenty years; A grandson of President Aleksandras Stulginskis – often visits the Historical Presidential Palace, the former residence of his grandfather.

The distance audio guide “Stories of the Palace” provides a wide range of accessibility options. All stories are communicated in 4 languages: Lithuanian, English, German and Russian. An additional picturesque presentation has been prepared and recorded for visually impaired people to help them feel the atmosphere of the palace. People with hearing impairments can view a video version in Lithuanian and the sign language, it is also available for anyone who will choose to get a closer look at the environment outside and inside the palace.